Success Story: Prabhdeep Singh Dhillon

Welding Level 3 and Specialised Welding Level 4 Graduate Prabhdeep Singh Dhillon now in employment!

Enrolling at NZ Welding, Trades & Services was a sharp move for Prabhdeep Singh Dhillon. Now he not only has in-demand welding and fabrication skills, but he’s also got the confidence and industry contacts to launch a lucrative career. All in just 40 weeks!

“I really enjoyed training at NZ Welding. I made a big circle of new friends and we learnt so many things together. We’re like family now! One of the best things about NZ Welding is that there are lots of welding bays to practice in and all the machinery and equipment they use is up to date. It’s a really good environment for learning – I felt so inspired!

“The tutors are incredibly supportive too. They’re friendly, always willing to help, and take the time to teach students how to make top-quality welds and repair machines. I learnt heaps of different welding techniques and mastered machines like cutting machines, creeper cutters and bending machines. They suggested lots of good companies we could approach that specialise in different types of welding and taught us how to showcase our skills to employers to find a good job.

“I’ve gained so much confidence in my abilities. Thanks to the strong foundations laid at NZ Welding, Trades & Services, I feel well equipped to do my best in the industry.

“I believe there is a bright – and financially rewarding – future in welding. Do something you love, gain some experience, and even start your own business. Hot welding makes a cool future!”

Thanks NZ Welding, Trades and Services for the great training experience and employment support in landing me a brilliant new job, I love putting my new skills to use.

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  • March 2022