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Level 4: Certificate in Advanced Welding

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Once you’ve completed the Certificate in Welding and Fabrication (Level 3) Programme, you can enrol in our NZQA registered Certificate in Advanced Welding (Level 4) Programme. You may also be eligible if you already have experience to the required level.

This course runs for only 14 weeks and is very practical & hands-on. You’ll review the techniques learned during the Level 3 programme, then spend a lot of time in the 'real-world' workshop.

14 Weeks
NZQA registered Certificate in Advanced Welding (Level 4)
77 Credits
You could earn a $50k+ salary afterwards.

About NZQA

Unit standards and welding tickets

The  unit standards covered in this programme will give you an extra 77 credits from the New Zealand Qualification Framework. This will set you well on your way towards a Trade Certificate qualification. 

Once you complete the programme, you get the chance to sit one or more industry recognised welding tickets. This isn’t open to everyone – it’s at the discretion of the head welding tutor.

Welding tickets available:

  • AS/NZS2980
  • AS/NZS2980 Appendix F
  • AS/NZS1665 ASME IX

*Other welding qualifications may be considered (conditions apply).

Entry requirements

You must:

  • Have Certificate in Welding and Fabrication (Level 3) or relevant experience to the required level.
  • Be physically able to complete the course
  • Have good eyesight
  • Be at least 16 years old

Course fees


No hidden costs:
Your fees include: safety equipment, overalls, welding jacket, gloves, helmet & steel-capped boots, course stationary & manuals.

What you learn

  • Welding - MMAW, MIG, TIG
    Understanding, interpreting, producing sketches & drawings
  • Stainless steel welding
  • Positional welding
  • ASME IX pipe welding
  • Fabrication Skills
    Measurement, marking out, fabrication calculations
  • Gas Cutting & Gouging
  • Understanding the characteristics & behaviours of engineering metals
  • Engineering drawing
  • Understanding & interpreting plans & drawings
  • Development of fabrication patterns
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Meet Zane

"Welding has given me so much confidence - I can do anything"

Before I came to NZ Welding School I was getting into a lot of trouble, I wasn’t enrolled in any high school because I kept getting kicked out. I went to NZWS because I wanted to stay out of trouble and keep my mum happy and most of all I wanted to become a welder. 

All the people and the vibes that were around at NZWS was cool, calm and collective which made things a lot of fun. The tutors played a big part in helping me, they basically got me to where I am now. I’m currently working in Christchurch as a heavy structural Steel Welder and it has been a long fun ride.

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Meet Siva

"NZ welding School fast-tracked me into my engineering apprenticeship!"

"Before I went to the NZ Welding school I was an Industrial Abseiler working in factories and on towers often helping welders get to where they needed to be. I decided to go to NZ welding school so I could go back to Abseiling with some new skills and get more job opportunities. 

I learned a lot a skills at NZ Welding School, almost all of which I use every day. My favourite thing about the NZWS was the diversity and sheer amount of skills they teach in such a short time. 

One thing that really helped me while I was at the NZ Welding school was the diversity of things to do. Every time I got frustrated or stumped I could always stop and work on a different exciting project. Two days after graduating from NZ Welding school I started my apprenticeship in General Engineering for Machine part Welding doing anything from fixing a broken Exercycle to doing extensive maintenance on large heavy machinery."

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What students say

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What employers say

Jay Cee
"Jay Cee Welding are keen to support NZ Welding School in their endeavour to train fabricators & welders and to offer opportunities to those people who show an aptitude towards this skill. New Zealand desperately requires skilled fabricators & welders in the steel building trade."
Jay Cee Welding Ltd
Employ1 Teale
"We have found that using NZ Welding School graduates has become a very rewarding experience. We have no hesitation in using them in our operation and will continue to do so, they are a credit to both themselves and the Welding School."
M. J. Bongard
Teale Metal Products Ltd