Building, Construction and Allied Trades Skills

New Zealand Certificate in Building, Construction and Allied Trades Skills (Level 2)*

*Subject to NZQA Approval

Our free* training will get you that career you have been looking for.  Gain real-world skills and knowledge for a sustainable career in BCAT (building, construction and allied trades).  


12 weeks (excluding breaks)

14 weeks (including breaks)


Kaikohe, Northland

What you will learn:

  • Health and safety legislation and safe practices for the BCAT sector
  • How to apply health and safety legislative practices over a range of trades projects in the BCAT sector
  • How to complete a simple BCAT project 
  • How to complete a simple BCAT project safely
  • How to apply simple project specifications to a range of BCAT projects
  • Communication skills and numeracy methods to problem solve in the industry
  • Use of a range of power tools

What you will get:

  • FREE safety gear
  • New Zealand Certificate in Building, Construction and Allied Trades Skills (Level 2) upon completion
  • 40 NZQA Credits upon completion
  • CV and job search support

What we’re looking for:

  • Positive attitude
  • Students need to be physically fit and able to handle heavy lifting
  • Have basic English language skills
  • Hard working
  • Good work ethic
  • 16 years or older
  • Must be a NZ Citizen or permanent resident

You may be able to train while you receive your benefit. Please check with your case manager before you enrol with us. Interested? 

Get in touch, call us on 0800 236 765.

This industry is willing to invest in people who demonstrate they are reliable, keen and want to advance in the BCAT's industry.

Please note: Our dedicated team will work with you to find an employment placement.  However please be aware that employment is not guaranteed following the training. Employer suitability criteria applies.