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Career Preparation for

Engineering Trades

Level 3

Start your successful welding or engineering career now with the Certificate in Career Preparation for Engineering Trades
20 weeks full time practical course
NZ Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 3)
Up to 60 NZQA Credits
You could earn a salary of $40k+ afterwards

Career Preparation for

Specialised Welding

Level 4

Build on your existing welding & engineering skills with a NZ Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 4)
20 weeks full time practical course
NZ Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 4)
Up to 60 NZQA credits
You could earn a $50k+ salary afterwards

Youth Guarantee Programmes

Fees Free

Eligibility Criteria Applies

Start your future in engineering or welding with one of our fee-free Youth Guarantee Programmes.
Free if you are between 16-19 years old
Pathway to NZ Certificate Level 3 or higher.
Welders Nz

Hot Job. Cool Career.

NZ Welding School Facts

Registered Qualifications - NZQA accredited Levels 2-3-4
Access to student loans & allowances
Practical professional welding skills. Industry recognised tickets
Work placements & industry training. Help with finding a great job
Jobs outnumber graduates. Be in demand. Earn higher than average wages
All your welding safety equipment, manuals & stationery included

Meet Siva

"NZ welding School fast-tracked me into my engineering apprenticeship!"

"Before I went to the NZ Welding school I was an Industrial Abseiler working in factories and on towers often helping welders get to where they needed to be. I decided to go to NZ welding school so I could go back to Abseiling with some new skills and get more job opportunities. 

I learned a lot a skills at NZ Welding School, almost all of which I use every day. My favourite thing about the NZWS was the diversity and sheer amount of skills they teach in such a short time. 

One thing that really helped me while I was at the NZ Welding school was the diversity of things to do. Every time I got frustrated or stumped I could always stop and work on a different exciting project. Two days after graduating from NZ Welding school I started my apprenticeship in General Engineering for Machine part Welding doing anything from fixing a broken Exercycle to doing extensive maintenance on large heavy machinery."

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Student Siva 2020

Meet Roxy

"I heard that NZ Welding School was a great place to study"

Roxy wanted to extend her mechanics & engineering skills to give her more job opportunities. "There have been some great opportunities for women in the workforce through NZ Welding School.  I have not even finished my welding course yet and I have already been offered a job in agricultural fabrication & welding when I get my Level 4 welding tickets. It has boosted my confidence and opened up so many doors of opportunity."

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Meet Bradley

"I want to be an underwater welder"

"I've done the Level 2 course and now I've rolled over into the Level 3. I come from a family of engineers and thought this would be a good career path. The staff at NZWS are awesome 10/10! I am not a good theory person but with the guidance and support I've got they helped me to succeed. I have way more confidence now with people and all the welding processes."

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Meet Gavin

"NZWS helped me to score a great job - even before I finished my course."

"It was the qualifications for me, and the short amount of time needed to get real skills and a good job.

The variety of skills & techniques I've learned have definitely opened doors for me. The NZ Welding School tutors were a great help. I found results at NZWS. I've got experience. I've up-skilled and landed myself a great job. I asked for work experience and was given all the support I needed to find a great job."

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Meet Rathaphong

"I decided to study at NZWS because the course is only 14 weeks long and it covers everything including MIG, TIG and ARC welding."

"Studying at NZWS has really enhanced my skills, getting me familiar with all types of welding and making me really confident in starting my career in welding.

The staff here have been amazing. They have been with me every step helping me with their knowledge and advice. The highlights at NZWS for me has been meeting all the good mates that I know today and getting lots of practical experience & skills."

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Meet Barney

"It was my dream to become a welder and a rigger so I could get a better job to look after my family"

Barney did both the Level 3 Certificate in Welding & Fabrication and the Level 4 Advanced Welding courses. He passed both with flying colours and he now works in industry as a full-time professional welder.

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Student 10

Meet Tyrone

"I am really enjoying my job as a welder"

"Before I started at the welding school I was studying at Papakura high school. I came to New Zealand Welding School so I could become a qualified welder and to use the qualification to get a good job.

The best thing about the welding school is you get to meet a lot of great people and the tutors there really supported me and helped me out.

I graduated with my NZQA level 3 & then my advanced level 4. I've been employed for 7 months now and I’m working in Ormiston in Otara, repairing concrete-mixer trucks and on-site at concrete plants and I'm really enjoying it."

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Meet Java

"The tutors & staff are awesome - they are just like your mates!"

"I love the NZ Welding School. Seriously, it's awesome! I have made great friends and the tutors are also just like your mates too. I am doing the Level 3 and then I will do the Level 4 Advanced course. My dream is to go overseas, get my scuba diving tickets and become an underwater welder on the rigs. Welding is opening up so many opportunities for me."

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Meet Zane

"Welding has given me so much confidence - I can do anything"

Before I came to NZ Welding School I was getting into a lot of trouble, I wasn’t enrolled in any high school because I kept getting kicked out. I went to NZWS because I wanted to stay out of trouble and keep my mum happy and most of all I wanted to become a welder. 

All the people and the vibes that were around at NZWS was cool, calm and collective which made things a lot of fun. The tutors played a big part in helping me, they basically got me to where I am now. I’m currently working in Christchurch as a heavy structural Steel Welder and it has been a long fun ride.

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Meet Glen

"My welding qualifications have made it easy for me to get a better job - it's awesome!"

Glen was a builder for many years before joining the New Zealand Welding School. He wanted to up-skill and learn something new. "I did learn something new everyday at NZWS - I only finished the course last week and now I have a job fabricating and MIG welding. NZWS was great. Solid tutors. Solid learning."

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Call us now on 0800 935 337 (0800 WELDER)

What employers say

Employ1 Teale
"We have found that using NZ Welding School graduates has become a very rewarding experience. We have no hesitation in using them in our operation and will continue to do so, they are a credit to both themselves and the Welding School."
M. J. Bongard
Teale Metal Products Ltd
Jay Cee
"Jay Cee Welding are keen to support NZ Welding School in their endeavour to train fabricators & welders and to offer opportunities to those people who show an aptitude towards this skill. New Zealand desperately requires skilled fabricators & welders in the steel building trade."
Jay Cee Welding Ltd
Page Macrae
"The Level 3 NZ Certificate is an essential programme that prepares people for Trades Assistant roles or apprenticeship opportunities within the trades industry and is a positive step for employers and the industry. We have seen the programme structure and support this programme application. This will provide a good replacement to the expiring Level 3 programme, the programme is longer in duration and covers the range of welding and fabrication processes to enter the industry."
Grant Holland
Apprentice Training Coordinator

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