Frequently Asked Questions

Does NZWTS provide transport for students?


We offer transport assistance to our students. 

Speak to our recruitment team about what support is available to you.

What are my fees?

Fees are listed on our course pages. Where fees apply, speak to our recruitment team about “no fees” eligibility for the course you are interested in studying. 

Are student loans and allowances available for my course?

If you’re a New Zealand or Australian citizen or a Permanent Resident (over 3 years) you can apply for a student loan and/or allowance. Our Student Services team will be able to help you with your application and answer any questions you might have.

How many students will be in my class?

We like to have small classes to ensure that all students get excellent tuition and enough direct time with the tutors.

Our normal class sizes are between 10 – 25.

How easy will it be for me to get a job after I finish my course?

We pride ourselves on delivering real skills with real results. Your education with us will give you a great start to your career, however your employment success is mainly up to you. If you have an excellent attitude and are committed to finding work after completing our courses and gaining the qualifications, then the chances of finding a job are very high.

NZ Welding, Trades & Services has a great support team to help you find employment. 

Can I arrive late for my course?

Generally speaking, no. It is very important that you arrive in time for the start of your course as there will not be much time to catch up. 

We expect high levels of attendance from all students.

Who can help me if I have a problem while I’m studying?

All students have access to our Learner Success Services who can provide advice and assistance or refer you to an external service on a broad range of matters such as health, personal problems, banking, accommodation, transport, visa information and counselling.  Speak to your campus reception to access this support.

Can I get welding tickets?


Students completing our “Career Preparation for Specialised Welding L4” course are given the opportunity to sit up to four tickets.  

This is not available to our Level 3 students.

Do I need to bring my own gear?

As part of the course fee we provide all required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) gear for you.

Is there an application fee?

There is no application fee to study at NZ Welding, Trades & Services.

How old do you have to be to study at NZWTS?

Over 16 

If you are under 18 you will need a parent to sign you up. 

What documents should i bring with me?

Try to bring the following documents with you when you enrol with us:

  • ID: Birth certificate or Passport & Driviers license (if applicable)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Verification of Residency status (if applicable)