Studying with us is all about the end game – getting an awesome job.

That's why all our programmes are designed to put you on the road to apprenticeships and get you work-ready fast.

How do we do that?

Once you complete the course, we’ll help you get into the workforce. That could be the chance to sit a more industry-recognised welding ticket at no extra cost. You can also complete our Certificate in Specialised Welding Level 4 where you have the potential to complete four welding tickets and hit the work force running.


Real-world training, real-world employers

Your practical real-world skills will be in high demand.
That’s because you’ll be learning from experts in real-world facilities, using industry-standard equipment.

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No hidden costs

Your fees cover everything you’ll need to complete the course. Here’s what’s included:

  • Free stationery, including New Zealand Welding School manuals
  • Free safety equipment including overalls and welding jacket, gloves, welding glasses and helmet.
  • Free steel-capped boots


Get started

Kick start your welding career with our welding certificate programmes at Level 3 and Level 4.

Once you’ve completed our programmes you may also be eligible for apprenticeships in fabrication and light welding.

With these highly sought-after skills you’ll easily find work in the welding or engineering industry here or overseas – and you’ll be on track to earn an above-average salary.

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Anyone can do it

Entry is open for our Level 3 programme – you just need good eyesight and physical mobility, and be committed to seeing results.

Our programmes are 70% hands on, so you develop the skills you’ll need in your career. You’ll start with the basics then move to more advanced levels of welding technique.

You’ll also learn all the other skills you need, like health and safety, drawing interpretation, workshop and communication skills.

It’s all about making sure you have the skills you need to walk into an awesome welding career – enroll now to get started.

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The practical work includes:

  • MIG Welding – You’ll learn to weld metal thicknesses ranging from 2.00mm to 12.0mm. Certificate in Advanced Welding (Level 4) students also learn a range of positional welding techniques.
  • TIG Welding – You’ll have the opportunity to weld carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials ranging from 1.6mm to 6.0mm in thickness. These techniques are taught in both the Level 3 and Level 4 programmes. These skills will be further refined in the Level 4 programme.
  • MMA Welding – You’ll learn to weld carbon steel thicknesses ranging from 5.0mm to 12.0mm, using both rutile and low hydrogen compositions. The Certificate in Advanced Welding (Level 4) students also learn a range of positional welding techniques.
  • Thermal Cutting – You’ll use oxy-fuel cutters to prepare exercise plates, as well as doing plasma, air arc and oxy-fuel gouging. You’ll also be trained to use a uni-directional creeper cutter.